Welcome to Manangos!

The fork of the fork of another fork!

Forkception, at its best!
This premiere stone-fruit cryptocurrency is built on the Stellar Blockchain.
Confidence is guaranteed with the convenience, interoperability, and {popular keyword} that Manangos provides!
At last, we are simply a humble offshoot of Ananos, which is an offshoot of Banano, which itself is a fork of Nano.
We have memes of Mangos, folate, and our proud inferiority.
Just hangout and share your favourite memes with a fun community of like-minded fruit junkies.

🥭Rich in Vitamin C and Folate.🥭

Get Manangos!

In order to get Manangos you'll need an Stellar wallet, we reccomend

Which you can get on Android, iOS and PC by clicking right here